• This week’s Press Start takes the form of my ‘best-of’ 2012 list. So go, read and naturally, disagree with everything I say.

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  • ………..memories

    Dial-Up Porn on my TV.

  • Do they still run the Dreamcast servers for Phantasy Star Online? I’d happily lose my life to it all over again.

  • Does anyone else remember that time Namco, Sega and Capcom announced some sort of top-secret insane crossover title for the 3DS? I too had forgotten about it all until today. These new teaser images accompany a website update and countdown clock. The suspense is killing me…


  • Jet Set Radio HD on XBLA/PSN is now totally official. As if it wasn’t anyway. But, this means new, sexy HD screens and a totally tubular competition to have your art included in the game as graffiti. Does this mean no more creator mode? Also, I’m looking to bring back 1990’s surfer/Ninja Turtles slang such as ‘totally tubular’ and ‘bodacious’. Who’s in?



    It’s difficult to review Binary Domain without getting caught up in the history of third-person cover shooters and how they are typically defined by western developers. Just for you though, I’ll refrain. After all, why would you want to hear my ramblings over how lackluster Gears of War 3 was, or how Quantum Theory is one of the worst games ever spawned from Satan’s shitty asshole? All you need to know is that Binary Domain is one of the most surprisingly entertaining and rewarding games I’ve played in years.

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