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Turkish insurance advert

Blanka Boyz Episode 2 is here. This was a disaster best jettisoned in order to make way for Episode 3, which I am tentatively promising will be better. Until then, thanks for watching.

Currently working hard on Blanka Boyz episode 2. If you haven’t checked out Episode One yet, then you’ve been totally wasting your life. Make it right.

Guile’s Theme isn’t played out…YOU ARE!

This is flipping bad, bruv. By bad, I mean good. Duhh.

The World-Famous Blanka Boyz: Coming Soon!

This weeks’ Press Start! is now live. I hurt my shoulder when typing it because of the ferocity and impact of my words. So, I hope you appreciate it.

Read it here and here

First Love.

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This place shall become your grave.

Holy Shit! My two greatest loves combined in one convenient package. Mishka does Street Fighter.

They snuck this one out today. Get it here.

Go home and be a family man

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